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Have you ever been to a really expensive restaurant or hotel?

What do you remember from the experience? Was it that the food was tasty or that the room was tastefully decorated? Was it that they immediately found your reservation or that the room was nice and clean?

All of…

hanging with the homies

Last year, the top executive (let’s call her Company Executive) of a company (let’s call it Company) went to her annual MBA reunion.

At the reunion, the star of the class, Chadwick C. Beddington (the fourth!) regaled everyone with tales of his business daring and drive. …

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Suppose you’re in charge of running an enormous library.

The library has stood for many years and contains many, many books.

It has numerous levels, each with almost innumerable rooms.

This library operates on a very simple organizational principle: all books are thrown into giant piles. Every room on every…

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Knowledge work seems like a pretentious designation.

What does it mean if your job isn’t classified as a knowledge work position? Are you an ignorance worker? An oblivion worker?

If you’re a carpenter doing curved inlays or dry fit joinery, have you not demonstrated that you’re immensely knowledgeable?

Is the…

Almost everyone says that they hate advertising. They say it’s intrusive and obnoxious. They claim it doesn’t work on them.

Yet advertising is everywhere.

Advertising costs a lot of money: almost $650 billion is spent on advertising every year.

Image of bland apartment building
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Current design thinking is heavily influenced by the Lean mindset. This is the belief that no one has advanced knowledge of the optimal solution to a given design problem. …

When you come across a new product or service, what’s the usual pitch?

You’ll hear that it’s simple to use, fits in easily with what you’re already doing, requires no major changes or upfront commitments, and that it’s an immediate solution to your immediate problems.

Above all, that it’s convenient.

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In 1968, Science published an article by biologist Garrett Hardin titled “The Tragedy of the Commons”.

In it, Hardin considered problems without “technical solutions”, with special attention paid to the issue of overpopulation. As part of his argument, he dismisses the idea that individual self-interest necessarily leads to the promotion…

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An emphasis on output is one of the most well-established methods for enhancing performance in just about any context.

In 1968, psychologist Edwin Locke advanced a theory that difficult, specific goals elicit peak performance.

This theory has since been verified in over a thousand studies, making it one of the…

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Here’s an idea: everything we do is done to some end; we do things because we expect certain outcomes.

At first glance, this statement is almost offensively obvious; in practice, however, it might be just about the most radical idea imaginable.

Much of the time, we don’t go through the…


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